Hell Week

So, it’s hell week next week. Hell week is when you take your exams and/or pass all the projects that are due. And fuck, I procrastinated.

At least after next week, it’s summer for me already but damn, can we skip the hell week please? 

I’m gonna study now. Or at least try to


Post Prom


Okay, okay.

My make up was on point bxtches! Dayum. I thought I was gonna be late though because the hotel I was staying at was 1 hour away from where the prom was gonna happen.

Anyways, I’m really sad because because of my hurrying I forgot to take pictures with my parents :((

I thought it was going to be an awkward night bc I wasn’t close with my 2 prom partners (Kendrick & Nicolas) but nahhhh. They really made prom a night to remember! They were really funny and kind.

I was so nervous when it was my turn to MC but it went fine.

During the party time I slow danced with 7 dudes. My last dance being David my current crush/ex-boyfriend lol so cuteeeeeee tho.

Still regret the parent thing :((((((


I cannot believe I thought I had moved on from him. I still haven’t.

The 6th of February is when he ended it. That day was almost a year ago. And here I am, thinking I have moved on when clearly, I haven’t.

I miss him. I want to talk to him. I want hug him.

Yes, I’ve had crushes here and there but it always goes back to him. 

I think he has moved on already.

I think.

I was scrolling through my facebook news feed when suddenly, a wild notification appeared. It was from him.

He liked my profile picture..

….from 2012.

Idk. I don’t want to assume anything though.

14 & Tired


I’m stressed by school. My grades are becoming low. I’m losing sleep.

How do people expect us to listen to their lessons when we’re tired from doing their fucking homework the other night?

I don’t understand teachers. They give us a shitload of homework to be passed the next day. We stay up late to do their homework’s and other teacher’s homeworks so, naturally, we’re tired. Then the next fucking day they tell us that we should be attentive and not sleep.

I know that they also have stuff to do but come on! We’re 14 year olds for asdfghjkl’s sake!! We crave our 8 hours of sleep. We need it.

I just posted to vent off some feelings.

Opinion: http://kickerdaily.com/angry-mob-chops-off-mans-genitals-after-catching-him-attempting-to-rape-girl/

personally do not believe that people should be treated that way. I believe that they should have just took him away and took him to the police. I know that what he almost did is a grave offense but taking matters into your own hands like that is wrong. Yes, it was to teach him a lesson but isn’t being sent to jail enough? For some of you it isn’t enough but for me it is. I hate seeing other people get treated like that even though I know what they’re doing is wrong.

Even if they chopped his thing off, some will not attempt rape but some will still do. You cannot get rid of those kind of people. No matter how many warnings you give, people will still not listen.

This is just an opinion. c:

selfish brat

Okay. So I have a classmate (a girl) who’ve I have hated for a long time because 1. When we were kids she was always the partner of a guy I liked 2. She hates me bc 2 guys who are best friends like her then fought over me so I hate her too. That was like, when we were in grade 6 LOL. & 3. She’s just so annoying. But all that hate changed this year bc I became close friends with her. Or so I thought.

This week has been hell for me. Review for college assessment stuff. I got sick. And worst of all, I noticed the things I hated about her ^ that are new. 1. She keeps repeating the same story over and over again 2. She doesn’t listen to you when you’re the one telling a story 3. If she does listen, she compares your story to hers 4. She doesn’t really care for me in a way that she knows that I’m hurt but she still keeps shoving it in my face 5. She’s really mean 6. She’s a liar 7. She asks for advice but doesn’t listen to the advice anyway 8. She only cares for herself